Palais Amani – Award-winning Luxury in Morocco

 By Gina Baksa

Fez is finally having its moment as a leading city break destination, thanks largely to new flights from across Europe and a new internal flight from Marrakech.

Located at one of the most significant entrances to the medina, the city’s old Arabic quarter, is Palais Amani in Fez, the city’s leading independent luxury palace hotel. Home to 15 suites and bedrooms, this fabulous Art Deco building was partly rebuilt in the 1930s, and is today one of the top destinations in the city thanks to its restaurant, roof top bar, and basement hammam experience. At the hotel’s heart is a 600 square meter garden filled with orange trees where birds – permanent residents here – provide never ending birdsong in this tranquil haven.

Quite rightly, The Luxury Travel Guide Awards 2018 recently awarded Palais Amani as winner of the ‘Luxury City Hotel – Fez – Morocco’ category.

First-class Cooking School

Palais Amani has also just launched its own rooftop culinary facility, the Fez Cooking School, which also just so happens to offer some of the best views of Fez over the ancient medina of Morocco’s second largest city. Private and group workshops are available and offer a wonderful hands-on experience, including time in the medina before prepping the food and cooking. Guests select their desired recipes, or staff will suggest a selection of Fassi, Moroccan, or Sephardic dishes.

And when you’re done relaxing, there are 10,000 car-free alleys and streets to explore in Fez’s vibrant medina, where every day is market day and an authentic foodie adventure. And for those wanting to try their hand at other traditional Moroccan activities, there are also calligraphy, arts, and crafts workshops, not to mention photography and beauty secrets workshops to enjoy at this tranquil luxury ‘riad’ among the many souks and bazaars of Fez.

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