Le Mount Stephen – A Luxurious Base in Montreal
By Gregory George

Part of Montreal, Quebec’s, revitalized Golden Square Mile neighbourhood, Le Mount Stephen has long had an association with luxury. Built in the 1880s as the home of the first president of the Canadian Pacific Railway, it was turned into a private men-only club in 1926 and remained as such until 2011.

After an extensive $20-million renovation, Le Mount Stephen re-opened in May 2017, and offers today’s guests a superb luxury base from which to explore this beautiful part of the city. And as just one of three hotels in Canada that belongs to the Leading Hotels of the World, Le Mount Stephen truly is quite the place – its tall ceilings, elegant foyer, grand interiors, gold finishes, period furnishings, and classic accents demonstrate a refreshing honouring of a bygone era of privilege. (A particular highlight for me is the stunning main foyer, which also serves as an homage to vintage luxury, especially the centrepiece, a magnificent grandfather clock carved from a single piece of mahogany.)

Consisting of 69 contemporary rooms and 21 suites, each of them designed to appeal to a trendy, modern and sophisticated clientele, the hotel also boasts plenty of technology and state-of-the-art comfort. Highlights include computerized blinds and drapery settings, automatic flushing bidets (with heated seats!), and multicoloured lights in the rain shower ceiling.

Le Mount Stephen definitely covers all the luxurious bases.


Contributor Gregory George is a world traveler, writer and co-founder / Editor-in-Chief of the www.followsummer.com travel site. You can follow Gregory’s travel inspirations on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.