A Stay at the Jnane Tamsna Marrakech
By Maria Fedele

Marrakech is a hectic, frantic, and relentless city. Yet it’s the chaos and eccentricity that lures tourists to explore the myriad of treasures and charms enclosed in the blush-coloured city walls.

It is imperative, then, to find respite in a city which kicks your imagination into overdrive and overloads your senses: a place to relax and debrief, to rest and recuperate. Such a place exists, and it’s called Jnane Tamsna. This North African paradise is located in the Palmeraie, about 10 minutes’ drive from the city center on the northern fringes of Marrakech.

The resort covers a sprawling nine-hectare estate set amongst a fully sustainable garden with five swimming pools, a tennis court, a library, and an excellent restaurant. The creation of this exquisite oasis is attributed to interior designer Meryanne Loum-Martin and her husband Gary Martin, an English ethnobotanist. The couple identified a niche in the market for secluded, boutique accommodation during a time when Marrakech was being revived by tourism, breathing life back into the ancient Medina and helping restore the city to its former grandeur.

Traditional Moroccan Luxury at Jnane Tamsna Marrakech

The rooms are phenomenal, with each of the 24individual suites and the private villa decorated to reflect the essence of Moroccan culture. The large, airy rooms feel like a home away from home, with comfort and cosiness a staple. Rustic furniture has been carefully curated and sourced from local artisans, with soft furnishings in deep shades of burnt orange and vivid plum, and which complement the ochre-coloured walls and dark oak fixtures.

Traditional Moroccan lanterns hang heavily from the ceilings, casting dim lighting, in addition to a few scattered lamps, while huge windows let in the brilliant Moroccan sun during the day. The bathrooms in Jnane Tamsna Marrakech are rustic and decorated with a simplistic elegance. All are fitted with spacious soaking tubs, as well as complimentary lotions and potions to create an altogether relaxing, soothing, and blissful repose.

When not unwinding in the comfort of your suite, be sure to check out the hotel’s restaurant which serves up authentic Moroccan dishes by way of the fresh produce grown on site. The dinning room is always full at meal times… and for good reason: the menu changes seasonally depending on what is in harvest in the gardens, committing to being as fully sustainable and possible.

Jnane Tamsa is the kind of place to sink into a dreamy splendour, a place to haul up in and unfurl after a long day of exploring the wonders of Marrakech.

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Jet-setting Contributor Maria Fedele is an adventurous traveller and freelance writer from South Australia who has lived in Paris and currently calls London home.