UK Artist Sees Unique Wildlife Sculptures Travel the Globe
By Justine Tyerman

Contributor Justine Tyerman catches up with a family friend in the UK after many years and discovers he has reinvented himself. Andy Baerselman, the carpenter, has morphed into a highly talented sculptor selling his beautiful creations on the international market. He talks about his work on this video.
During her recent visit to Andy’s LymingtonHampshire, studio, Justine was thrilled to view the magnificent artworks he’d created from wood imported from Italy, including sting rays, turtles, wolves, and seahorses, to name but a few. She also learned his work can be enjoyed (and purchased) at the High Performance Art Gallery at London’s Heathrow Airport (near Terminal 5’s first class lounge), as well as at the Coastal Gallery in Lymington.

To learn more about Andy Baerselman’s unique artwork, check out the full story on LuxuryUK, or visit his website.


Contributing Editor Justine Tyerman is an award-winning travel writer, journalist and sub-editor from Gisborne, New Zealand, with 20 years’ experience in newspaper and freelance work. Check out her work at and Tyerman’s Travels Facebook.




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