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Maine Food For Thought Tours – Portland Maine

 Maine Food For Thought Tours  By Mary Noe Named ‘Restaurant City of the Year’ in 2018 by Bon Appetit, Portland, Maine is a popular destination for foodies and culinary connoisseurs. One of the best ways to experience Portland’s evolving culinary, restaurant, and environmental scene is...

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UK Artist’s Unique Wildlife Sculptures Travel the Globe

 UK Artist Sees Unique Wildlife Sculptures Travel the Globe By Justine Tyerman Contributor Justine Tyerman catches up with a family friend in the UK after many years and discovers he has reinvented himself. Andy Baerselman, the carpenter, has morphed into a highly talented sculptor...


Refined and Luxurious – Hotel Felix Cambridge

Refined and Luxurious – Hotel Felix Cambridge By Maria Fedele Finding solace in a bustling city which was once the home of some of the most influential minds in history – such as Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and 15 British Prime Ministers – may seem like a large feat if it weren’t...


L’Hotel, Paris – Official Video

  L’Hotel is the smallest five-star hotel in Paris, and the ultimate luxury boutique hotel. Over the past two centuries it’s been the secret hideaway for those seeking intimacy and privacy away from the crowd.  20 unique and luxurious bedrooms await your pleasure where you can enjoy...


Bookabach Blackhouse Lodge – First to See the Light

 Bookabach Blackhouse Lodge – First to See the Light By Justine Tyerman When celebrities come to Gisborne, they stay at the Bookabach Blackhouse Lodge, a magnificent private residence overlooking the golden sands of Wainui, one of New Zealand’s primo surfing beaches. From this elevated...





The Giants of Bigwin

The “Giants of Bigwin” project features a collection of private and quality retreats measuring between 1200 and 1500 square feet (111 and 140 sqm) Dedicated to guests of the esteemed Bigwin Golf Club, the accommodation offers five star luxury in an innovative use of space The triangular...